The International Journal of
Multidisciplinary Comparative Studies

Previous Issues of the Journal


Volume 1 Issue 2 (August)


Vicky Duckworth & Gordon Ade-Ojo. Promoting Employability through Specific Literacies


John Crawford & Christine Irving. Information literacy, policy issues and employability

Jérôme Mbiatong. People with low qualification level: a critical analysis of the typologies of literacy needs profile

Pascal Lafont. Representations of illiteracy in France and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) devices for adults facing literacy difficulties

Guillermo Pérez-Bustamante. Developing Entrepreneurial Literacy at University: A Hands-on Approach

Marcel Pariat. Basic education and post-high school training

in France

Ruth Zannis. Literacy Identification and Support Training in France


Volume 1 Issue 1 (April)


Gordon Ade-Ojo & James Ogunleye. The essence of multi-disciplinary Studies


Mark Betteney & Greg Brooks. Learning to read text and learning to read music: conceptual and pedagogical parallels

Larry Prochner, Ailie Cleghorn, Anna Kirova & Christine Massing. Culture and Practice in Early Childhood Teacher Education: A Comparative and Qualitative Study

Kasule George Wilson &Neema-Abooki. Challenges and Strategies of Improving Academic Staff Development in Higher

Education Institutions in Uganda: The Case of Kyambogo University

Nicola Sowe & Gordon O. Ade-Ojo. Teacher trainers’ attitudes towards the use of digital recordings in collaborative feedback: A qualitative study

Ricardo V. Lozano. Integrating less developed countries in comparative estimations of returns to education

Shamaas Gul Khattak. A Comparative Analysis of the Elite-English-Medium Schools, State Urdu-Medium Schools

and Dini-madaris in Pakistan

James Ogunleye. Conceptions of lifelong learning as applied to adults with enduring mental illness: a survey of mental health professionals and practitioners across eight European countries